Call for Applications for PhD Start-Up Grant

Call for Applications for PhD Start-Up Grant

The PHD Start-Up Grant
The start-up grant targets Gulu University staff who are enrolled for PhD in Gulu University and are in the early stages (course works and, or proposal development stage) of their PhD. The grant aims to support the beneficiaries to progress faster with their PhDs and be able to complete within a reasonable time.
Successful applicants under this grant who have not yet submitted their proposals for final approval will be supported to do so and, where appropriate to orient their research towards the BSU4 themes and topical areas. If possible, the beneficiaries will be linked to one of the topical areas with supervision from Gulu University and the Danish partner universities (Aalborg University, Roskilde University and University Copenhagen) supervisors working on that area. The start-up grant shall be awarded for a period not exceeding one (1) academic year. The number of grants available in this category will depend on availability of funds.

The interested applicants should: –
• Be a full-time or part-time staff of Gulu University.
• Be at proposal development stage of his/her PhD.
• Not be having a running grant for his/her PhD.
Expenses to be covered by grant.
The grant may be used to fully or partially cover:
✓ Concept and proposal development
✓ Research Clearance (GUREC & UNCST)
✓ Fieldwork expenses (including baseline/pilot studies/reconnaissance)
✓ Publication and printing
✓ Dissemination workshops
Partial compensation, may be provided to the relevant Department to enable teaching replacement while the PhD student is on study leave or study stay or on field data collection*.
Requirements for application
The following must be provided for the application by the interested applicants: –
a) Letter of expression of interest in the PhD start-up grant.
b) Evidence of registration/application for PhD.
c) Detailed Curriculum Vita (CV).
d) Copies of academic documents and employment letters.
e) Summary description of the PhD proposal, including activity plan and a realistic budget (max 4
f) Recommendation letter from the Dean of the Faculty/Institute in which the PhD being done.

How to Apply
Interested applicants are guided to apply as follows: –
1. Process requirements for the application listed above and submit three (3) copies of the signed hard copy to: Office of the BSU Coordinator, Gulu University, Main Campus.
2. Scan the processed documents in (a) above and combine them in one PDF file named: your name –PhD Grant Application e.g Otim Michael – PhD Startup Grant Application.
3. Email the soft application to BSU4-GU Coordinator: and copy to; and
4. Closing date for receiving applications will be Friday 12 th April, 2024 at 11:59pm (EAT).

Evaluation Procedure
Applications shall be processed by the project to select successful candidates for the grants as follows:
1. The application committee will receive and summarize the applications.
2. Grants award committee (comprising both the Danish & Gulu University partners) shall receive
and evaluate the summarized applications.
3. All short-listed applicants shall be subjected to interview by the grants committee.
4. Each application shall be evaluated on the basis of: 1) academic qualifications; 2) quality and
feasibility of the concept/proposal and 3) a demonstration of academic potential to pursue the
5. The selected applicants shall be recommended by the Grants Committee to the Executive
Committee for consideration of award of the PhD Start-Up Grant.



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