Call for Applications for Master Completion Grant

Call for Applications for Master Completion Grant

Gulu University is implementing Building Stronger Universities Project– Phase IV (BSU4-GU). The project is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BSU4-GU Project is in partnership with Aalborg University (lead in Denmark), University of Copenhagen, and Roskilde University. It will collaborate with two ‘twinning partners’: University of Rwanda and Maseno University (Kenya). It will also have links with the two other BSU universities: State University of Zanzibar (Tanzania) and University of Hargeisa (Somaliland). The project period runs from June 2023 to May 2028.

The BSU4-GU Project aims to strengthen Gulu University’s capacity to deal with pressing social problems through excellent teaching and research that engages stakeholders and is effectively communicated and disseminated to other scholars and to the local communities. To do this, the project seeks to strengthen graduate training in Gulu University.

BSU4 Themes and Topical Areas
BSU4 Project has two overall themes:
a) Transforming Education and
b) Rights, Resources and Gender.

The project will work within four topical areas arising from the two overall themes. The masters will be linked to each topical area and will work as part of a team on the topic. The applicant must submit a proposal within one of the areas and the supervisors and team members will assist the Master student to focus their research in a way that complements other studies within the area. The topical areas are as follows: –
1. Lifelong Education and New Ways of Learning: Problem-Based Learning, hybrid e-Learning
2. Sustainable Development and Climate Change Mitigation: Innovation, Education and Community Engagement
3. Post-conflict Policies and Practices: Hosts and Refugees, Transitional Justice
4. Health and Technologies: Health Rights and Changing Gender Relationships

The Master Grant call is open to applicants in the following disciplines:
a) Humanities
b) Social Sciences
c) Public Health
d) Information Communication Technology

The Master Completion Grant
The BSU completion grant for postgraduate aims at strengthening graduate training in Gulu University through, on one hand, supporting students pursuing their Maters in Gulu University to undertake and complete their researches. The grant shall be awarded to the successful applicants for a period not exceeding one (1) academic year, effective Academic Year 2024/2025. The number of grants available in this category will depend on availability of funds.

Requirements for Application
a) Letter of expression of interest in the Master completion grant.
b) Provisional results from the faculty duly singed by the endorsed by the Faculty Dean/Chief.
c) Copies of academic documents.
d) Summary description of the master proposal, including activity plan and a realistic budget (max 4pages).

Expenses Covered by the Grant
The grant may be used to fully or partially cover:
✓ Tuition fee for one academic year.
✓ Research Clearance (GUREC)
✓ Fieldwork (Data Collection and Processing) expenses
✓ Publication and printing.

How to Apply
Interested applicants are guided to apply as follows: –
1. Process requirements for the application listed above and submit three copies of the signed hard copy to: Office of the BSU Coordinator, Gulu University, Main Campus.
2. Scan the processed documents in (a) above and combine them in one PDF file named: your name – PhD Grant Application e.g Eddy Michael – PhD Master Completion Grant Application.
3. Email the soft application to BSU4-GU Coordinator: and copy to; and
4. Closing date for receiving applications will be Friday 12th April, 2024 at 11:59pm (EAT).

Evaluation Procedure
Applications shall be processed by the project to select successful candidates for the grants as follows:
1. The application committee will receive and summarize the applications.
2. Grants award committee (comprising both the Danish & Gulu University partners) shall receive and evaluate the summarized applications.
3. All short-listed applicants shall be subjected to interview by the grants committee.
4. Each application shall be evaluated on the basis of: 1) academic qualifications; 2) quabrlity and feasibility of the proposal and 3) a demonstration of academic potential to pursue and completed the master.
5. The selected applicants shall be recommended by the Grants Committee to the Executive Committee for award of the Master Completion Grant.

18th March, 2024


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