General Notice to the Graduands of the Gulu University 19th Graduation Schedules for February 9th 2024


Results, Date of Birth, Photo, and Order of Names on ACMIS

All students who have satisfied the requirements for the conferment of degrees and awards of diplomas and certificates at the 19th Graduation Ceremony scheduled for Friday, February 9, 2024 are requested to check on their Academic Management Information Systems (ACMIS) Students’ Portal for the following:

1. The completeness and accuracy of the results uploaded on ACMIS. Any error noted should be reported to the Dean for the attention of the Assistant Academic Registrar (AAR) of the Faculty or Institute.

2. The correctness of the Order of Names. The names must be those that appear on your previous academic documents. Any mis-ordering should be brought to the attention of AAR (Admissions and Records) or AAR (Senate Affairs and Transcripts).

3. That the Date of Birth is the one provided at the 1st Year Registration. Any variation should be reported to the AAR (Admissions and Records) or AAR (Senate Affairs and Transcripts).

4. That you have a photo on your ACMIS Portal. If not, go for photo capture on ACMIS at the Basement of the Finance Building.

Please treat this communication with the urgency it deserves; in any case not later than Friday January 19, 2024.

Dr. Jerry Bagaya
Academic Registrar