Gulu University is a Public University established in October 2002 by Statutory Instrument No. 16 of 2003. Gulu University through its programmes is set to make significant contributions to sustainable development.

To be the leading academic institution for the promotion of rural transformation and the industrialization for sustainable development. 

To expand access to higher education, provide quality professional training for delivery of appropriate social services and conduct research geared towards rural transformation and conservation of biodiversity.

Aligned to this, the Institute of Research and Graduate Studies was established in 2003, to effectively undertake research for community transformation. Accordingly, its vision is to be a centre of excellence in research, staff and graduate students’ career development to fulfill the research agenda and mission of the University. The section that follows, provides the researchscape specific to the mandate of IRGS.


The Institute of Research and Graduate Studies (IRGS) situates itself as a premier center for Research Scholarship and Transformative Research. Framed around the University’s motto; For Community Transformation, the Institute stages a very specific Rresearch Agenda whose landsacpe is mobilized and intensified around its everyday research narrative and research culture as techniques to institutionalise and internalise it.

A Research Agenda re-orients us to some very specific and deliberate research priorities. Therefore, as an Institution, articulating these specific research priorities, strengthens; our research tradition, enhance specialization, competence and expertise for a productive world-class scholarship, knowledge production, innovation and transformation of our communities.

These qualities have so far continues to strengthen and enhance  the Institute’s national and international visibility and prestige. The followings are the specific pathways;

Research Pathway

Consequently, we have firmed ourselves in pioneering world-class scholarly and transformative research. Specific flagships are; Research Groups, Research Capacity Strengthening (RECAST), Research Seminars, Philosophy of Research, Post-Doctoral and Doctoral Research Fellowships, Doctoral Committees, Community Research Innovations and Community Research Resilience.

Consequently, these efforts translates into; Transformative Knowledge and Community Transformation, Research Grants and Projects, Policy Papers and Briefs to inform Policies and National Planning, and Scholarly Publications in high impact journals.

Project Grants Pathway

IRGS has over time matured its effective and competitive grants winning, through a more governed  grants management process; a grantsmanship that begins with interest to apply, the application, award and when the institution and the Principal Investigator (PI) signs an agreement with a grantor(funder) to accept a grant award and becomes a grantee.

In order to regulate sourcing, applications, management and compliance, IRGS continues to provide leadership on clarity about grants’ procedures, governance and administration. In that case, setting models and foundation that will be recognized and appreciated by the grantors and grantee as well.

Administrative Pathway

Leveraging on the strategic flagships, IRGS developed an elaborate administrative pathway to enhance research, grants and community outreach, IRGS has a clear specialised structural registers; Director - Administrative Duties, Deputy Director - Research and Publications and Deputy Director - Grants and Projects.

The Institute has a team of dedicated staff, whose selfless energies are harnessed into transforming the unit;

Daniel Komakech - Ag Director
Scholastica Deborah Amito - Assistant Registrar 1
Stella Akumu Otim - Secreatary
Grace Lawino - Accounts Assistant 1
Pamela Lakot - Copy Typist
Aber Winnie Brenda - Office Attendant
Ms. Atom Stella Otim - Secretary, Institute of Research and Graduate Studies

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