University Partnership

UNSWGulu University and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia have come together into a new initiative of Co-operation and partnership to develop a long term and mutually beneficial collaboration to advance education and research opportunities in both universities. The planned alliance of two institutions will build the experiences of the partners and take advantage of the different networks of the institutions.

To kick-start the birth of this collaborative linkange, a joint conference will take place on Saturday August 6 2016 at Bomah Hotel in Gulu District at 09:00am. The minister of Education and Sports will grace the occassion as the Chief Guest. The theme for the conference is "Creating Sustainable Cities and Development through Collaboration and Partnership for Community Transformation".

MESAU Consortium
MEPI-MESAUThe MESAU Consortium is a country-wide partnership bringing together five academic institutions; Busitema University, Gulu University (GU), Kampala International University (KIU), Makerere University (MUK) and Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Uganda together with Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.A with the aim of building capacity, performance enhancements in medical education and relevant research for excellent nationwide service delivery.

MEPI-MASAU Activities
Training to Staff Gulu University
Undergraduate Mentorship

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BSUUDTraining Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence (THRiVE) was established in 2009 as a regional network of research excellence, including some of the best universities and research institutes in East Africa with support from two leading UK universities. We have built a robust network that has led to strong and productive collaborations in research, training and supervision, with more than 300 joint publications between THRiVE partners since 2010.

THRiVE Objectives

  • Develop and sustain a Consortium functioning as a strong network.
  • To augment the development of a conducive institutional environment for high quality research.
  • To provide support systems for improved governance and management of research activities.

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AfDBThe overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction.

AfDB Values

  • Excellence; Quest for the highest level of performance through continuous improvement of our skills and business practices
  • Team Spirit; Working together in a spirit of creativity and mutual respect to achieve common objectives.
  • Integrity; Observing the highest standards of ethics, honesty and accountability at all times.
  • Professionalism; Delivering the best quality service to our clients with utmost rigour and efficiency.
  • Transparency; Acting with clarity, equity and objectivity in designing, interpreting and applying Bank policies and procedures.


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The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) is a not-for-profit sub-regional organization of the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) of 11 member countries, namely: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

ASARECA brings together scientists from the national agricultural research institutions of the member countries, national agricultural extension service providers and other strategic development oriented partners to generate, share and promote knowledge and innovations to solve common challenges facing agriculture in the member countries.

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BSUUDBuilding stronger Universities (BSU) in Developing Countries is a partnership between research and higher education institutions in developing countries and Danish universities.
The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen universities in developing countries so that they are better equipped to fulfil their role in society.
The long-term goal of the initiative is to make the participating institutions stronger in the sense that they:

  • play an increasing role in the economic, social and political development of the societies in which they are located;
  • function as nodes of innovation and knowledge production, providing solutions to local/domestic and global challenges;
  • produce skilled and motivated graduates that can contribute to the further development of the societies and address the challenges faced.

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ACADIAAfrican Center for Applicative Development and Innovation in Agribusiness

General Objective

To foster applicative character of HEIs agribusiness related curricula:enhance and update teaching capacity and curricula efficiency in agribusiness in Kenya and Uganda, in particular related to new technologies adapted to different agro-ecological zones.

Specific Objectives

  • To foster capacity building in the field of higher education.
  • To support quality higher education.
  • To promote a more efficient, updated, sustainable and job-creating agribusiness sector in EAC.
  • To contribute to a more efficient resource use.

ACADIA Activities With Gulu University

Visitation to the University

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