Research & Graduate Studies

Prof. Elizabeth A. OpiyoThe Institute of Research and Graduate Studies (IRGS) is an Institute of Gulu University whose main functions are to help students develop their research concepts, help them find tuition and research funds and process their dissertations to fruition of granting degrees. The IRGS also arranges for admission of graduate students who are Teaching Assistants and Lecturers to obtain placement in various universities to pursue Masters and PhD degrees. Such staff members are facilitated with tuition fees, research grants and are also granted study leave where necessary.
Corollary to the above functions, the IRGS performs these functions under the guidance of the Board of Research, Graduate studies and Staff Development.

The Gulu University Annual Conference is another event organised and administered by the IRGS. The conference is an annual event in which graduate students and academic staff present their research papers. The first conference was held in July 2010 and attracted more than 50 presentations from staff members.

The Gulu University Journal is another academic function administered by the Institute. There is an Editorial Board with an Editor-in-Chief and nine Editors representing all Faculties, Institutes and Directorate of Planning, the Library and the University Administration.Public Lectures are presented every Wednesday afternoon between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. An honorarium is offered as a token of goodwill to the presenters.
Finally, the Director of the Institute is also the chairperson of the vetting committee of Senate which is responsible for vetting applications for promotion based on approved criteria from the Academic Staff for Lecturers to various higher grades up to professorship.
Acknowledgements go to the Assistant Registrar Ms Amito Scholastica for assisting with the revision of the Hand Book, Ms Padda Pauline for secretarial work and Ms Lucy Ajok for all support provided during the revision of this document.

Prof. Elizabeth Auma Opiyo
Director, Institute of Research and Graduate Studies

Gulu University is a Public University established in October 2002 by Statutory Instrument No. 16 of 2003. Gulu University, through its programmes, is set to make significant contributions to peace, stability, reconstruction and sustainable development. The University through its Mission, Vision and Goal is set to serve as a launch-pad for equitable development with emphasis on rural transformation and sustainable development. To share, participate and contribute to this great Mission, Vision and Goal, the Institute of Research and Graduate Studies was started with the following roles:

  • Co-ordinate and administer all graduate research,

  • Co-ordinate and administer all graduate studies,

  • Provide a central channel of communication from and to graduate students and   their supervisors,

  • Advise on research priorities geared to the fulfilment of National Development Objectives,

  • Streamline, review and reform if necessary, regulation procedures and practices of graduate studies in Gulu University,

  • Provide a channel of communication amongst graduate students studying in different disciplines,

  • Co-ordinate the Gulu University Journal, Annual Conference and Publications by staff of Gulu University,

  • Help provide a home for graduate students,

  • Serve as a launch-pad for equitable development through research, with emphasis on community transformation,

  • Work as an outreach platform, providing a link or bridge between the University and the world in identifying research areas and programmes that are relevant to the needs of industries, commerce, professions etc,

  • Undertake applied research towards rural transformation,

  • Undertake any other relevant activity that is pertinent to graduate studies, research and staff development so as to promote and improve the quality of scholarship in Gulu University,

  • The Director of the Institute is also the Chairperson of the Vetting committee of Senate which is responsible for vetting applications for promotion and staff development of Academic staff based on approved criteria to various higher grades up to professorship.