Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment was established in Gulu University in 2005. It is mandated to train manpower at undergraduate and graduate levels, carry out research, and provide outreach services in all aspects of Agriculture right from primary production to marketing. It is strategically structured into six departments: Agronomy, Animal Production and Range Management, Biosystems Engineering, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Food Science and Postharvest Technology, and Rural Development and Agribusiness. The departments work together to contribute to community food security improvement, livelihoods and agricultural development in general.

The Faculty currently offers four undergraduate programmes - Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Biosystems Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Food and Agribusiness. One additional undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Science in Agri- Entrepreneurship and Communication Management shall be mounted in the 2016/2017 academic year. At graduate level, the Faculty offers two MSc. programmes- MSc. Food Security and Community Nutrition, and MSc. Agri-Enterprises Development. Two additional MSc. programmes, i.e. MSc. Animal Production and Marketing, and MSc. Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management have been developed and are expected to be launched in the 2016/2017 academic year. Faculty has a competitive research model-based PhD programme that emphasizes creative thinking and development of capacity for independent research. In addition, a PhD programme by course work and research, PhD Agricultural and Applied Biosciences has also been developed and is expected to be launched in the 2016/2017 academic year.

Our training emphasizes hands-on skills development based on strong scientific background, entrepreneurial mentality, and strong attitude for sustainable use of natural recourses and clean environment. The graduates have diverse employment opportunities ranging from own micro agri-enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, the private sector, and national and international development agencies.

The Faculty is aggressively involved in outreach and has partnered with several agencies to extend agro-technologies to the community in northern Uganda and beyond. Our “student-Centered Outreach” programme is of particular significance. Under this programme the students are attached to farmers, and in that way, both the student and the farmer learn from each other, thus providing extension service to the farmer as well as inputs for curriculum improvement. In addition, the students are exposed to the realities of agriculture in the rural setting. In order to enhance its capacity for outreach and non-academic skills training to the community, the Faculty intends to establish a Technology Development and Incubation Centre, which will act as a regional hub for community agricultural empowerment.

Duncan Ongeng, PhD


Animal Production and Range Management 
Biosystems Engineering
Environmental and Natural Resources Management
Food Science and Post Harvest Technology 
Rural Development Agribusiness 


Bachelor of Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Biosystems Engineering 
Bachelor of Science in Agri-Entrepreneurship and Communication Management
Bachelor of Science in Food and Agribusiness
Masters of Food Security and Community Nutrition
Master of Science in Agri-Enterprises Development
Master of Science in Animal Production and Marketing
Master of Science in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Applied Biosciences (by Coursework and Research)


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