Deputy Vice Chancellor

I wish to welcome you all (staff and students) to this new year 2017 and thank you for completing the year 2016 well albeit with some ups and downs. I look forward to having a very fruitful year 2017.

The year started well with a well organised 12th graduation Ceremony held on 14th January 2017. The good organisation was appreciated by none-other-than the Minister of State for Higher Education Hon Dr Muyingo John Chrysostom. On that note I would like to particularly thank the Awards and Ceremonies Committee for a Job well done.

I would also like to thank both the staff and students for completing the first semester successfully. The examinations and assessments were all well done. Most of the results are now approved and we are now getting ready for the second semester.

I would also like to welcome you all to the second semester of 2016/17 which started on 28th January 2017 and will be ending on 28th May 2017. I believe we are all set to make it a very successful semester as well. Students are encourage to read and attend to all their course work test and examinations. The lecturers are encourage to teach and assess the students diligently. Note that it is our plan this year to have our graduation Ceremony not later than Oct 2017.

The second semester examinations will start on 15th May 2017 ending 28th May 2017. Students are encourage to prepare for their examination not only by working hard but also by clearing all their dues on time at least by the 8th week of the semester ending Saturday 25th March 2017 to avoid being disorganised at the critical time of examination. Avoid last minutes clearance as this is very traumatising and confusing for both you as students and the staff as well.

The Guild elections are around the corner the students will be electing new leadership I have already seen some student showing interest in different leadership positions. Please elect the most able students leadership who are prepared to dialogue with the university management and able also to articulate your issues at all level of university management from management committees to Council. On the same note I would like to thank the present leadership who will be handing over to the new one on 4th April 2017. The have done a good job and set very good standards for the incoming leadership to follow. Please continue to guide the new leadership when they come on board.

Once again I would like to wish you all a very successful second semester 2016/17, which started in January 28th 2017 and is ending 28th May 2017.

Professor George L Openjuru
Deputy Vice Chancellor


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